Review: Zox Breath Mints by Therabreath

I came across an interesting tidbit about bad breath the other day on Google. It turns out that Paramount Pictures did a survey relating to the release of it's movie "Failure To Launch" (you know, the one with Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker). In the movie, McConaughey still lives at home with his parents, even though he is 30 years old, and he has no plans to move out since he thinks he has "got it made".

So Paramount, as a promotional gimic for their movie, decided to ask women ages 25 and up, what the #1 reason would be for them turning down a date. In the age group of 25-34, the top reason was that he still lives at home with his parents, however across ALL age groups, the top reason that women gave for turning down a date was…… BAD BREATH!

For complete results of the survey, keep reading.

RESULTS OF DATING SURVEY Women ages 25 and up were asked what their #1 reason would be for turning down a date from a man.

37% -- He Has Bad Breath 25% -- He Lives With His Parents 23% -- I Would Never Turn Down a Date 8% -- He's a Poor Dresser 5% -- He's a Sports Fanatic 2% -- He Makes Less Money Than Me

Of course a dentist recommended routine of daily brushing and flossing coupled with regular dental exams and cleanings are a great start toward fresh breath.

For short term breath freshening, I recommend Zox Breath Mints by Therabreath. These powerful lozenges work at the root of the problem. They neutralize the bacteria that are responsible for giving off sulphur odors that cause bad breath.

These mints do not contain sugar which feed bacteria and contribute to oral malodor. Sugar mints generally contain ingredients that only mask bad breath. Once the masking chemical wears off, bad breath is free to return. The therabreath product, NEW ZOX breath fresheners are the first 'breath mint' to actually neutralize VSC's rather than mask them. Containing the same zinc/oxygen/xylitol formula used in TheraBreath products, ZOX will stimulate saliva flow and eliminate bad breath and taste for hours. No Sugar, All-Natural, and only 5 calories! Additionally, This product does not contain: aspartame, saccharin, sugar, artificial flavors, or artificial colors. Keep in mind, these breath mints are not to relieve your sweet tooth. They have a pleasant sweet taste, but are meant to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath. From my experience with the mints, they work. My wife and patients have not complained yet.

Zox is dispensed in 3 roll packs.

About the only downside of these mints is their moderate price. The 3 roll packs cost $6. I guess this is resonable to have fresh breath. Particularly when asking an attractive person out on a date.

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