Tooth Whitener, how it is used to brighten your smile.

Shows such as "Extreme Makeover" have made tooth whitener very popular. Today's society has placed a very high emphasis on having a bright, white smile.

Compared to many other methods of esthetically enhancing your body, tooth bleaching is less expensive, non-surgical and often offers dramatic results.

Picture this: A smile lined with large, gray colored teeth or a beautiful bright, white, clean looking smile.

I believe this picture tells the entire story. Society believes in these results as well. tooth whitener is selling at an all time high.

This page has been designed to serve as an information and reference source pertaining to the various areas involved with tooth bleaching.

Is tooth whitener safe?

(Click on link to read Loma Linda University study on safety.)

Yes, bleaching is safe, however, the protocol for the different methods of whitening should be followed to the letter. The chemicals in the bleaching kits are meant to be in the mouth for specific times. Over exposure to these whitening agents can create undesireable situations in the mouth. 1.) Excessive tooth sensitivity. 2.) Abrasion of the tooth's outer surface(enamel). For these same reasons, bleaching frequency should be closely followed as well.

How does tooth whitening work?

The gel that is applied breaks down stain on the outside surface(enamel) of teeth, leaving the surfaces cleaner and whiter.

Will the teeth return to their former color over time?

Foods, coffee, tea and red wines tend to stain teeth. Brushing with a whitening toothpaste after each meal or beverage will retard the staining process. It is also recommended to perform maintainance bleaching every couple months.(See bleaching methods below)

What methods of tooth whitening are there?

1.) Whitening toothpastes- Remove stains through abrasive action of toothpaste. Exhibits very minor whitening effects.(If any at all)

2.) Bleaching strips Strips containing bleach that are applied to teeth for approximately 1/2 hour(1-2 times each day for 7-10 days. Also apply strip for 3-5 days every few months as maintainance procedure. Very low concentration of bleach in strips. Exhibits mild bleaching effects in most cases.

3.) Mouth trays with bleach

- Traditional method of bleaching. Tooth whitener is syringed into front of trays.(upper & lower trays) Trays are then placed over teeth for approximately one hour. Generally this technique is used 1-2 times each day for 7-10 days for best results. If after 10 days the desired effects were not obtained, a hiatus of 1-2 weeks is suggested to let sensitivity resolve prior to one last week of bleaching. Use the tray method for maintainance 2-3 days every few months to keep whitening level constant. Most bleaching gels are flavored and contain fluoride to reduce tooth sensitivity.

4.) In office bleaching treatment: The system recommended by this website is the Zoom 2 system. The Zoom system is achieving excellent results in office by whitening teeth by up to 8 shades. In addition to excellent results, Zoom 2 is designed to minimize tooth sensitivity.

The entire procedure requires approximately 1 1/2 hours of time in the dental chair. The teeth to be lightened are isolated by gauze and plastic so that no bleaching chemicals contact gum tissue. A powerful, yet safe gel is then painted on the appropriate teeth followed by placement of a bleaching light outside the mouth. While pointing toward the teeth nearly in contact with the lips, the light activates applied bleach for fifteen minutes. Generally 3-4 of these sessions complete the process.

The Zoom Tooth Whitening System, as featured on "Extreme Makeover", provides excellent results, low sensitivity levels and very quick turnaround time. One visit and you are finished.

Certain individuals may not be eligible for tooth whitening procedures. Some of those exclusions relate to:

1.) Patients with sensitive teeth caused by recession or other reasons. 2.) Patients with bondings or crowns on the front teeth. They will not change color and bleaching my damage their outer surface. 3.) Patients with chronic poor oral hygiene or gum disease.

Tooth whitener can provide a person with an extremely effective, safe, cosmetic enhancement at a very affordable investment. Add to these facts that the procedure is non-invasive and provides instantly recognizable results and you have a resource that can put a smile on your face.

Beautiful smiles get noticed!

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Which teeth whitening system is right for you?

Teeth whitening kits: Nothing but the tooth.