Pictures of Bad Teeth

Pictures of bad teeth are shown on this page to help people understand the potential severity of neglecting their oral hygiene. The saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" hopefully will make an impression on the viewers of the pictures included below.

The pictures of bad teeth in the first set show how poor oral hygiene can impact the esthetics of the front teeth. Unfortunately, many of these cavities may be too deep to restore. Extractions may be necessary leaving a person with unsightly missing spaces within the smile zone.

Treatment for those teeth that do not require removal could consist of bondings(white fillings), possibly root canals(for deep decay)and crown(caps that cover the entire tooth).

The pictures that follow show the potential effect of putting young children to bed with a bottle that contains any liquid except water

. Because this type of decay pattern results from bottled sugary drinks, it is known as "baby bottle decay". Yes, even milk contains sugar.

           More Pictures of Bad Teeth

Very common cavities start on the biting surfaces of back teeth. These teeth contain anatomy necessary to assist normal chewing function. This anatomy contains grooves, pits and fissures which trap and hold bacteria, sugars and food particles. If over exposure to sugar occurs, or a person has poor oral hygiene practices, these teeth can be quick to decay. The following picture shows a cavity of the biting surface of a back tooth(molar).  Cracks are also present and indicated by the yellow arrows.          

If these cavities are allowed to progress, the tooth can become abscessed(infected). This can be very painful. The following picture shows an infected back tooth.

3 things control the quality of health in our oral cavity. 1. Our diet. The poorer in quality a person's diet, the higher the risk for tooth decay. 2. Our oral hygiene. We must actively pursue optimal oral hygiene by brushing

3 times per day and flossing

1 time each day. Anything less may allow the wrong type of bacteria the opportunity to thrive in the mouth. 3. Genetics. Even with a proper diet and oral hygiene. The genetics we are predetermined with can override quality habits and leave a person prone to oral problems. However, good habits can help to keep genetics effects in check. As with most diseases, environmental factors may have some influence. Individuals under intense chronic stress are predisposed to dental decay. The stress can cause changes in the protective enzymes in saliva allowing sugar acids to become more effective. What these pictures of bad teeth do not convey is the cause involved. Bad hygiene? Poor diet? Genetics? That's why it is important to work each day at maintaining a healthy oral cavity. Which teeth look healthier? These? 

or these?

Hopefully the previous pictures of bad teeth will have the desired impact. Take care or your teeth.

As a dentist of 22+ years, if you do only one think everyday to help prevent the deterioration of your teeth, I suggest brushing with an electric spin brush. Oral B has some of the best brushes available.