Why are metal caps for baby teeth of value in children's mouths?

Kids teeth care varies greatly from family to family. Cavities, develope,for the most part, due to the eating and brushing habits of children. When cavities become large enough, metal caps for baby teeth become the prefered dentalrestoration. These crowns come in pre-fit sizes and shapes and are placed to protect the underlying tooth structure.

The nerve tissue in baby teeth is very large and easily reached by fast moving dentaldecay. When this tissue is invaded by bacteria, an infection can set in requiring the baby tooth to have a pulpotomy. This procedure involves removal of the nerve in the crown portion of the afflicted tooth. When the procedure is finished, metal capsfor baby teeth become the restoration of choice to afford the tooth the proper protectionneeded to endure the pressures of chewing.

Large silver or white fillings in teeth compromise strength leaving a baby tooth proneto fracture. Again in this situation metal caps for baby teeth become the restorationof choice due to the strengthening effect they have on the weakened area. Althoughthese restorations are silver in color and not of a very esthetic nature, theyare of extreme value in supporting weakened tooth structure.

In addition to their durability, metal caps for baby teeth are of reasonable costto dentists and patients alike.

Baby teeth should not be instantly removed when decayed or infected. The missingtooth can cause shifting of the bite and need for expensive orthodontics in thechild's teenage years. The benefits of these crowns for kids will inexpensivelysave the space while awaiting the arrival of the adult permanent tooth.