3 tips for securing an affordable insurance quote.

Like an umbrella, during periods of sunshine, we don’t often appreciate the benefits of good insurance coverage. However, let it rain or get caught in a downpour, one quickly appreciates the value and function of a good umbrella. This is what it’s like with insurance. When the sun is shining we don’t often think of insurance coverage, but, let there be a calamity in our lives and we will quickly appreciate a good insurance policy.

Furthermore, when we think of insurance we think in terms of it being an expensive and necessary evil. However, with the tools available and living in a shrinking world we need not think that way. Three tips on attaining an affordable insurance quote are doing your homework, evaluating your situation and taking steps to reduce your premium.

Doing Your Homework

Before purchasing any item it is always best to be educated. This education is accomplished by doing your homework such as investigating the quality of the item being purchased, its reviews, its advantages and disadvantages, what are the ballpark figures, what features are you looking for what extra frills can you do without? These and many other questions should be asked and settled in your mind prior to purchasing any product, and an insurance quote is no different.

In applying this line of thinking the following questions should be where you start your homework before keying in information to get an insurance quote. Questions to ask would include, what is the quality of this insurance coverage behind the offered quote, what is the reputation of the insurance company, and are its customers satisfied?

Additionally, the investigative questions should ask, what are the advantages of this quote, what is included in the coverage and at what levels. What are the disadvantages of this quote, what is not covered, is the quote competitive, what do I absolutely need that this insurance quote covers and what can I do without?

Remember, doing your homework can prevent a lot of headaches down the road and prevent a number of surprises.

Evaluating Your Situation

When securing an insurance quote it is also important to remember that what is good for one person may not be needed by someone else. The rule of thumb is to obtain adequate insurance that will cover the complete loss of what is being insured plus the difference needed for its replacement. For example if your house is appraised at $180,000, what will be the cost to rebuild the house if your home is completely destroyed while factoring in current home building prices. Also, remember to insure the contents of your home and personal possessions.

When obtaining an automobile insurance quote remember that the legal minimum coverage may not provide the coverage you would need in the event of an accident. For example most vehicles on the road today are worth well over $20,000. Also, medical expenses are increasing yearly. It may be prudent to obtain an insurance quote that reflects a larger policy, so that in the event of an accident, your insurance coverage will be equal to the damages and cover your assets if legal action is taken.

Another tip on attaining an affordable insurance quote is to evaluate yourself as a person. Be honest and rate your attention to safety. Are you a safe driver, do you stay within the speed limit or would you classify yourself as a defensive driver? What about safety around the home? Do you take unnecessary chances around the house; do you install your own electrical devices or your own plumbing?

Answering these questions candidly may provide an insight to the level of insurance you may need. If your answers show that you take chances then you may wish to increase your level of insurance.

Reducing Your Premium

A few suggestions on ways to reduce your premium would be to reduce your risk. This can be accomplished by taking driver education classes as often insurance companies award discounts to drivers who have successfully completed these courses.

Also, the addition of safety features around the house can lower your insurance quote. Features such as dead bolts, alarm systems or smoke detectors may decrease you insurance premiums as well as provide for the safety of your home.

Finally, take full advantage of the internet. Consider a website like Progressive.com that not only gives you their quote, but a quote of a few competitors as well.

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