Health Insurance Plan: Full protection for healthy living.

If you happen to fall seriously sick and get admitted to a private hospital, simply because the county hospital could not accommodate you for some reason, you might end up having to stay far longer than you should - after you see the bill!

It is indeed true what many people say nowadays; that quality medical or health care in the United States has become a real burden to afford. They are in fact ten times more expensive now than they were a few years ago.

In such cases, a health insurance plan would seem a must. Not just simply because treatments are very expensive nowadays, but you should also have a form of protection all the time; because you don’t know what could happen to you the next minute, and you must be financially prepared.

How it Works?

A health insurance plan works this way; the insurer (the insurance company) pays the medical expenses of the insured party if he or she becomes unhealthy due to the covered causes or accidents under the policy. And for this, the insured party pays a premium monthly, for the coverage to stay in effect. This insurance can be given by both private insurance companies and government agencies.

Basically a health insurance plan covers everything stipulated in the contract, from basic visits to a doctorup to advance surgical treatments such as transplants and so on. Even prescribed drugs and medications are covered under the offered health insurance plans by certain companies.


Basically there are two types of health insurance plan policies; the Fee-of-service Insurance or Reimbursement insurance plan and the Managed Care Insurance Plans. The first type, the Fee-of-service works in a way where the insurance pays a part of the health care services you seek, and you pay the remaining with a monthly premium fee.

Secondly, the Managed Care insurance is another type of health insurance plan, in which companies sign an agreement with specific doctors in clinics and hospitals to provide tailored health care services for their respective members who pay them premiums. This type of insurance can fall into any of the following basic sub-plans; Health Maintenance Organizations or HMO plan, Point of Service plan, and the Preferred Provider Organizations insurance plan.

These health insurance plans do not stop with just medical checkups, but also cover the dental aspect as well. And out of this dental plan, there are many different grounds such as Individual insurance, group insurance, family insurance and business dental health insurance, in which eligibility for coverage may differ respectively.

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