Fluoride for cavity control!

Sodium fluoride was first added to community drinking water in 1945. Over the decades that followed, adding the ion to water has become an accepted fact of life in most communities in the United States and in many foreign countries.

Tooth decay is, by far, the most prevalent and costly of oral health problems among all age groups. Decay can lead to tooth loss or, when located on front teeth, loss of self-esteem due to unsightly appearance.

Currently, it is believed, that reduction of cavities attributed to water fluoridation is between 17-40%. The percentage was much higher a generation ago, however, has recently slipped due to the appearance of multiple sources of this supplement.

How does Fluoride work?

1. It may influence dental plaque by reducing the ability of plaque organisms to produce acid. 2. It promotes remineralization of tooth enamel in areas that have been decalcified by acids. (can reverse or stop early cavities)

Does fluoride have any detrimental effects?

Fluoride is no different for people than other products that should be consumed in moderation.

When taken in overabundance during the formative years of the adult teeth, white and brownish spots(dental fluorosis) may form on any or all surfaces of the teeth. The main downfall with this problem is the unsightly nature of the teeth's appearance.

Ingestion of huge doses of this ion could be very toxic to the body. It would be very difficult to have exposure to this much of the substance, in particular, since the Environmental Protection Agency regulates the amount of particles introduced to drinking water. The amount is kept at a very safe, yet effective level. Today, virtually every person in the United States receives the protective ion from one source or another. Over 150 million people drink fluoridated water that protects their teeth from dental caries. Other sources available to the public include: toothpaste, mouthrinses, professionally applied topical applications, dietary supplements, school drinking water, beverages and foods.

Most children of today have little or no dental cavities, lose few teeth due to decay and have little indication of the suffering formerly battled by many due to tooth problems resulting from cavities.

We all owe this to fluoride .