Save that tooth. You don't get any more.

Adults only receive one permanent set of teeth that need to last a lifetime. Individuals should make every reasonable effort to save healthy, decayed, abscessed, cracked or broken teeth . Possible exceptions may be: 1.Teeth deamed malpositioned by an orthodontist. Extraction would facilitate tooth straightening. 2.Teeth are decayed to the point where they are non longer salvageable.

Why should teeth be saved when possible?

1. You don't get any more teeth. 2. Nothing chews like your own teeth. 3. If teeth are lost, the remaining teeth will often shift, potentially changing a person's bite.(not for the better) Remember the mouth is the starting point for the digestive system. Poor chewing(mastication) will start the digestive process off on the wrong foot. Digestion may be delayed or labored. Everything that follows digestion will also be affected. 4. Extracted teeth can leave unsightly spaces that can be very expensive to fill. 5. Dentures at best are a substandard method of tooth replacement. They are better than nothing, however, nothing chews like your own teeth. 6. Losing teeth can affect a person's speech.

Losing teeth can be very expensive. Either to a person's wallet or as overall mouth function is compromised. Modern dentistry often provides opportunities to save teeth. When possible take that opportunity, chewing with plastic is not as efficient.