Will my dental work last forever?

I guess the above question depends on how long forever does last. I have had dozens of patients ask me at the conclusion of their dental treatment if it would last forever.

In most cases I would not expect dental work to endure for a person's lifetime. I would guess a ballpark average for longevity would be 5-10 years. Yes, there are fillings and crowns that last 20+ years. There also is work that lasts 2 years.

I think the key for patients is to keep expectations reasonable and to do everything in their power to hold up their end of the bargain. What do I mean by this? If you get brand new dental fillings and then fail to brush and floss regularly and with quality then you are not doing your best to help the work last. If you do not get regular dental checkups, cleanings and x-rays, then you are failing to help maintain the work. Dental work can be analogized to car maintainance. Driving a car constantly without oil changes or routine care will greatly cut down on the length of time the vehicle will run at its best. That said, I certainly expect to get reasonable service out of the dental work in my mouth.

My recommendation: Regular visits to your dental professional, routine brushing and flossing, moderate sugars and keep expectations withing reason.