Cad Cam Dentistry, cutting edge technology

Cad Cam Dentistry consists of dental restorations, including crowns, onlays, inlays and veneers that are both designed and manufactured with the aid of a computer.

The technology present in computer bases dentistry truly is "state of the art". The most prominent name today in Cad Cam Dentistry is Cerec by Sirona. Cerec technology has over 20 years experience and tens of thousands of restorations created through this computerized process. Over the years, Sirona has spent millions of dollars researchin and executing improvements with Cerec.

Currently in the United States, under 10% of practicing dentists use Cad Cam Dentistry .

What are the components of the Cerec unit?

1. The Acquisition Unit:

The acquisition unit is made up of a tower with a computer inside it, an lcd computer screen, camera unit for imaging teeth and program software for creating dental restorations.

2. The Milling Unit

This is a box shaped chamber that is separate from the acquisition unit. It wirelessly receives directions from the acquisition unit and mills(cuts) crowns, onlays, inlays and veneers from porcelain or composite(acrylic) blocks. The milling unit featurs a self contained water supply and 2 diamond coated burs that create the specified shape of computer designed restorations.

Why Perform Cerec Dentistry? What are its Benefits?

1. Saves Time: Most restorations are completed in a single visit. That means NO return trips to the dentist.

2. No Temporaries: Receiving crowns or porcelain fillings in a single visit means not 2-3 week wait with temporary material on your tooth while a lab makes the permanent restoration. ---That means NO temporaries to fall off or out inconveniencing the patient further by returning to the office to have it replaced.

3. Less Novacaine: Because single visits for Cerec Dentistry are the standard, no shots or numbing of the mouth are required on subsequent visits.

4. Less Tooth Drilling: Because Cerec restorations are placed with extremely strong cement(glue), more tooth structure can generally be preserved during a procedure.

5. Cerec Restorations are very Accurate: These precisions restorations are performed under high magnification on the computer screen, greatly enhancing accuracy levels.

6. Cerec Restorations are very strong having published 10 year success rates exceeding 90% survival.

Photos of Cerec Restorations

Before Photo: Large, failing silver filling

After Photo: Single visit Cerec Crown

Cad Cam Dentistry provides some of the finest, well fitting, cutting edge restorations available in dentistry today. The leader in this technology is Cerec by Sirona.

Photos and Article courtesy of Todd S. Resek DMD

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