Dental Website Advertising

The initial purpose of this website was to serve as a support area for my patients to go to for answers to common dental questions. I've found over the past 4 years that the content the search engine optimization on the pages of this website have actually driven new patients to my practice.

At present the site is averaging approximately 26,000 monthly visits and 35,000 pages viewed. Traffic is drawn from all over the United States and Europe.

It is my goal as a practicing dentist to help bring traffic to your dental office.

The cost cannot be beat. Let the traffic from around the country end up at your office for the cost of a couple bitewing x-rays. ****In addition to driving patients to your site, you will gain ranking status at your office website due to me linking you to my high ranking website. You will gain local search status do to the (Juice) provided by the high Page Rank of my website.****

Dentist Finder listings brand new as of Feb. 2011 To view my listing and gain a feel for what they look like check out the Pennsylvania page. I am the second listing on the page.

Be the first found in your area.

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What does the "D" in MOD amalgam stand for?